Microsoft’s OneDrive app updates on iOS with some iMessage changes

Brad Stephenson

Woman playing Xbox video games on an iPhone

Microsoft’s OneDrive app for iOS devices updated to Version 10.54 today. This latest update fixes a typo and adds a new icon link in the OneDrive iMessage app, improved the UI during the search process, and fixed an Office docs bug.

Here’s the official release  notes:

  • There was a bug in our iMessage app – yes we have an iMessage app – that would say ‘Open in On’ instead of ‘Open in OneDrive’. This has been fixed, not with the missing six characters, but a little app icon in the top right of your file previews. Proof that we really do go the extra mile.
  • We got an early start on spring cleaning by fine tuning a few UI details in the search experience.
  • We squashed a bug preventing a few Office docs from opening correctly in the app

The OneDrive iOS app is designed to work in iMessage and on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches running iOS 11.3 and up. It updates on a fairly regular basis with its previous update fixing some PDF and file bugs.

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