Microsoft's OneDrive app updates on iOS and Android with important bug fixes -
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Microsoft's OneDrive app updates on iOS and Android with important bug fixes

Microsoft’s OneDrive app updated for both iOS and Android devices today. The iOS app update fixes a text glitch that was making content hard to read and another that was causing the app to swap between accounts.

The OneDrive Android app update squashes a sign-in bug that was affecting some users and also improves the app’s overall speed.

Here’s the official release notes for the iOS update:

Our text file viewer was having trouble rendering some characters. This has been fixed and now you should be able to understand the file content without being fluent in binary gibberish.

Sometimes, the app would switch from Personal to Business accounts when opening the app. This has been ironed out and work life balance can once again be restored.

Here’s the release notes for the Android app update:

Fixed a bug that was making it difficult to sign in, made a few things a bit faster, and polished up a few surfaces. We also promise that from now on these notes will reflect the interesting and important improvements we are delivering to YOU.

Do you use OneDrive on your smartphone or tablet? Were you affected by any of these bugs? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Twitter for more Microsoft app news.

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