Microsoft’s OneDrive app update fixes bug that was blocking certain email addresses

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by Email Twitter: shuttlecock Jul 23rd, 2019 in News

Microsoft’s iOS OneDrive app had apparently been preventing those that use an email address ending in an underscore from logging in.

This information was revealed in the release notes for the app’s latest update this week which claims to have fixed this problem.

Here’s the release notes for iOS (Version 10.76.4):

Users whose emails ended with “_”, such as [email protected], were unable to sign in to the app. This has been fixed by our engineer James_, and users like OneDriveFan4Life_ can once again sign into the app.

The Android version of Microsoft OneDrive also updated this week with improvements to the login process. It’s unclear if the Android app was suffering from the same bug as the iOS version or not.

Here’s the notes for the latest Android update (Version 5.35.2):

Fixed a bug that was making it difficult to sign in, made a few things a bit faster, and polished up a few surfaces. We also promise that from now on these notes will reflect the interesting and important improvements we are delivering to YOU.

Do you sue the OneDrive app on your iOS or Android device and had you been affected by this bug? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Twitter for more Microsoft app news.

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