Microsoft’s official Facebook Beta app for WP8 updated with bug fixes and improvements

Microsoft's official Facebook app Beta for WP8 updated with bug fixes and improvements

Microsoft’s official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 has been receiving minor updates as of late, and if you enjoy testing out the newest features, then you will enjoy giving this Beta app a spin. Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the Facebook app Beta for Windows Phone 8, simply adding bug fixes and improvements to the app.

In this Beta build (, Microsoft has simply fixed a few bugs and made some improvements to the app, which is typical behavior with minor update releases. The devices and services giant did not disclose exactly what was fixed in this updated build. Either way, we appreciate Microsoft for continually updating the official Facebook app with fixes and features. 

You can download the Facebook Beta app and have it run alongside the non-Beta app. The Beta app gets the newest fixes and features first, before it rolls out to the non-Beta app.

We’ve added the download link to the Beta app below. Grab it and let us know if you notice any improvements or new features in the comment section below.

Thanks for the tip, @Nawzil8

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