Microsoft’s Office Sway wants your valuable feedback on UserVoice

Microsoft's Office Sway wants your valuable feedback on UserVoice

For those unfamiliar, Sway is part of a new wave of Office Suite additions developed by Microsoft. The new Office client is a more interactive presentation tool with web and cloud roots. Sway can pull in content from multiple and relevant media sources, like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Instead of the traditional .exe download and install approach, Sway lives in the browser for most (iOS being the only available app). Microsoft’s new approach to web productivity is beginning to attract a likely audience of fiscally aware schools and staff.

Sway is a tool for individuals looking to create content in a new and interactive way to help reach their audiences. Due to feedback from the Sway community through UserVoice, Microsoft implemented new features — such as the ability to share and edit your content with others. In addition, Sway recently received the ability to co-author projects with people.

Microsoft wants your feedback to make Sway even better and the company has a UserVoice page where you can lead your suggestions and ideas for improvement. And don’t think for one second that Microsoft doesn’t listen — they actually do! Head over to the VIA link below and give Microsoft your feedback on the product!

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