Microsoft’s Office Event, introducing Microsoft Teams, watch the livecast here

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Microsoft is expected to unveil Microsoft Teams, hopefully talk a bit more about building 3D into Office, and pump up the momentum on Office 365 at an event this morning at Milk Studios in New York City. You can read our own Arif Bacchus’s take on what to expect, and he’s at the event (the first one in line!) to bring you all the latest as Satya Nadella and Kirk Koenigsbauer, along with some “special guests” lay out the latest in Microsoft’s plans for Office.

You can watch the event along with us right here:

You can also watch the event live on Microsoft’s dedicated web page, and follow along here as we bring you all the news.

Update: just a reminder, the livecast will begin at 11am Eastern (NY) time, or 8am Pacific (Redmond) time.

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