Microsoft's Nokia Division employees in China protesting 'hostile takeover and violent layoffs'

Microsoft's Nokia Division employees at China protested 'Microsoft's hostile takeover and violent layoffs'

Last month, when Microsoft announced the biggest layoffs in its 39 years history, around 18,000 people lost their jobs, and the entire world took this news by shock. Earlier today, employees at the Microsoft's Nokia division in China protested the mass layoff. 

The protest took place at a Beijing research center and factory that employees 2,500 people. Several of the employees held banners and shouted slogans showing their anger towards the US technology company. The employees referred the Nokia's acquisition as "Microsoft's hostile takeover" and the job cut as "violent layoffs."

The protesters shouted until "they had sore throats" according to an employee who was present at the spot and posted pictures to social networks. They were expected to meet the authorities this afternoon to discuss demands and we are yet to learn how it went.

We will update the post as we receive more information. 

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