Microsoft’s next Redmond campus buildings could be 10 stories tall

Staff Writer

Redmond, Washington has long held Microsoft’s global headquarters, and while the campus has been limited to 5- and 6-story buildings, Microsoft has the approval of the city of Redmond to work on constructing a 10-story office space.
According to The Seattle Times, Microsoft had gained this approval from the city of Redmond in February 2015, and last year had hired an architecture firm from San Francisco to look over some plans for the campus. Microsoft, however, has yet to send any requests for permits to begin constructing anything on the campus.
The Seattle Times clarifies that Microsoft’s permission to have 10-story buildings doesn’t cover the entire campus, and focuses instead on the older eastern section of the campus, which looks to be remodeled in the future.
Since Microsoft finished its Building 83 earlier this year, as well as breaking ground for a new campus in Dublin, Ireland in mid-October, the company will likely be busy for a few years working outside the United States rather than taking advantage of the 10-story permissions.
Microsoft’s Redmond campus has been growing in horizontal footprint over the years, but the ability to incorporate improvements into a more concentrated area should help the company expand without needing to purchase or modify much of the remaining campus’s footprint.