Microsoft’s next Modern Workplace session to cover “Staying secure and ethical with your data”

Kit McDonald

Microsoft’s monthly Modern Workplace webinars are gearing up for their next episode. Every month, the company releases an episode that encourages and supports leaders to think more innovative.

This month’s session is “The Privacy Balance: Staying secure and ethical with your data.” How organizations can prioritize customer privacy without sacrificing the ability to keep information safe and secure.

Hillery Nye is the chief office of Glympse, GPS location sharing application. She and Jules Polonetskey, CEO for the Future of Privacy Forum in Washington DC, will be hosting the session with tips on how to create safe experiences without crossing ethical lines.

Also, the webinar will be giving an exclusive inside look at Microsoft’s Secure Productive Enterprise for businesses.

Registration is open now and comes with digital gifts of e-books, white papers, and past episodes of Modern Workplace. The session goes live on October 11, 2016, at 8 a.m. PDT.