Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen app updated with new Launchpad and new notification interactions

Kareem Anderson

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Aside from claiming stake on the Android platform with a set of productivity apps, a semi-immersive digital assistant and various keyboard options, Microsoft is also building a specialized lock and home screen experience on devices.

From the minds within Microsoft’s Garage incubation chamber, developers on the Next Lock Screen App for Android have updated the service to v.3.1.0.

The new bump in version number also comes with a handful of additions that include:

  • Minimized app launch pad
  • Weather: directly specify your location.
  • Screen lights on when new notifications arrive: optional new setting.
  • Notifications: removed the “Others” heading for a cleaner experience.
  • Brazilian Portuguese language support.
  • Battery improvements.
  • Bug fixes

For the newly ingratiated Android user coming from a Windows phone or a long time Android user looking for a change up, the updated Next Lock Screen is rolling out to the Play Store now.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁