Microsoft's new TV commercial - all about a unified Windows Store within Windows Phone and Windows 8

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Microsoft's new tv commercial is all about a unified windows store

The Windows Store has been a topic of hot debate, on one hand, it has collectively crossed the 500,000 app mark, on the other, Microsoft has been criticized for a relatively lenient approach to app approvals. Nonetheless, it remains the only home for modern apps on Windows and Windows Phone devices.

The software giant has recently released an ad focused on “the apps you want” that the Windows Store can provide. It highlights some of the different categories of apps available including gaming, lifestyle, entertainment and social apps, and boasts Windows’ ability to multitask with up to four apps running side-by-side simultaneously.

The 30-second TV commercial doesn’t distinguish between the Windows and Windows Phone stores, but simply presents it as a store for both platforms, further signifying Microsoft’s efforts to fully unify Windows regardless of the device it runs on; be it desktops, tablets, phones, or consoles. We’ve embedded the ad above for your viewing pleasure. Click play!

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