Microsoft’s new Outlook for Mac now supports more email account types and shared calendars

Laurent Giret

outlook for mac

Microsoft is continuing to improve the new Outlook for Mac experience that launched in preview last fall. There’s always been a pretty wide feature gap between Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows, but the Mac client is starting to finally catch up.

Outlook for Mac used to work best with and Office 365 accounts, but the new Outlook for Mac is finally adding support for more email account types including iCloud and Yahoo accounts. The app also now supports the IMAP standard to add other email accounts that support this technology.

Outlook For Mac Preview Email Account Types

Another important addition in the new Outlook for Mac is support for shared calendars, mailboxes and mailbox delegation, and the team said that it was a top-requested feature from Mac users. The email client is also becoming more secure with support for S/MIME and Microsoft Information Protection.

Lastly, the app is getting some UI improvements with the ability to RSVP to events right from your inbox. Users on macOS Big Sur can also add Calendar widget for Outlook in the macOS notification center. The new Outlook for macOS remains in preview, but the team said this week that one third of the user base has already opted in to test this new version of the email client.