Microsoft’s new Lumia 950XL gets FCC approval

Microsoft’s third-time rebooted mobile effort has a seemingly daunting uphill battle ahead of itself. Starting from, delivering a finalized operating system to new phones to sorting out carrier support, Windows 10 Mobile and the Lumia 950 and 950 XL have their work cut out for themselves.

Fortunately, FCC approval is now one less thing Microsoft will need to worry about when delivering its new flagships to customers. On October 15th, Microsoft submitted the 950XL for an FCC examination and approval. Just recently, the FCC published its official approval report of Microsoft’s Lumia 950XL to be sold in the US.

The report goes into graphical detail on LTE testing, User Guidelines, Agent Authorizations and antenna placements for the phone. Judging from the documents, there looks to be upwards of four antennas placed throughout the body of the phone, with some dedicated to NFC, WLAN and call reception.


As for other details on the phone, visit the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology page to sort through photos, images and details on the approved 950XL

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