Microsoft’s new ‘Honestly’ series of ads makes Windows and Windows Phone personal

Microsoft's new 'Honestly' series of ads makes Windows and Windows Phone personal

Microsoft has apparently launched a new series of advertisements that add a bit of a personal touch to the company’s Windows and Windows Phone platforms. Microsoft has launched a new page on its Windows website that highlights “personal stories” of various people who own a Windows or Windows Phone product.

“Honestly. I needed a laptop and a tablet. And now with my Windows 2 in 1, I’ve got both,” says one supposed consumer on Microsoft’s Windows webpage. “Honestly. This is my office. And with my Windows tablet, I can get stuff done on the go,” says another.

On this new webpage, Microsoft is showcasing what you can accomplish with Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, along with adding product suggestions and prices for those products. We’re not sure exactly why the company is using the term “honestly” in this scenario, but we’d imagine it is simply there to add a personal touch.

Microsoft has been on a rampage with its advertising efforts, pushing the company’s Windows Phone platform and Windows platform. The devices and services giant rolled out a new advertisement today for Windows 8.1 in which a paramedic is showcased. This paramedic talks about how Windows provides her with “one experience for everything in your life.” Microsoft also rolled out a video highlighting a teacher and his Surface 2, again touting the “one experience” motto.

Take a look at the videos below. We are sure to expect more videos like this.

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