Microsoft's new director for data center sustainability used to work at Starbucks

Microsoft is always looking to innovate, be it with their products, or even when it comes to saving energy and being sustainable. The Redmond company has an ongoing project to strengthen their work in making data centers more green, and they're also committed the most hyper-scale public cloud that operates around the world in more regions than anyone else. Today, they're announced a new acquisition when it comes to their sustainability projects.

Jim Hanna, who previously worked at Starbucks as director of environmental affairs, is now part of Microsoft's sustainability team. In addition to ongoing sustainability projects, this acquisition shows Microsoft's overall effort to expand its team of sustainability experts. It also will help the company work better with utility partners and help them develop pilot projects that will better integrate clean energy into cloud servers that operate across 24 global regions.

From energy, water reduction, and even policy, Jim has previously driven global strategies to address sustainability across Starbucks. At Microsoft, he will report and work with Christian Belady, General Manager, Datacenter Strategy, Planning and Development. He will also work closely with Rob Bernard to address sustainability issues for their data center operations.

You can learn more about Microsoft's sustainability projects by clicking here.



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