Microsoft's msnNOW portal shutting its doors December 3rd -
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Microsoft's msnNOW portal shutting its doors December 3rd

Microsoft's msnNOW portal shutting its doors December 3rd

Microsoft launched a service called msnNOW, which has been touted as a new way to track what's trending on the internet in real-time based on a combination of social signals, algorithms, and editorial insights. Unfortunately, for those who have enjoyed this service, Microsoft is planning on shutting it down soon.

Using an in-house tool called Demand Dashboard, Microsoft has been able to analyze search engine signals as well as pull out trends from social media sites in real time. This real-time information ultimately allows editors to catch trends as they emerge.

Microsoft plans on shifting away from having a single source of trending content and integrate that throughout various MSN channels.

"However, as part of our ongoing work to fine-tune our editorial mix, we’ve decided that msnNOW will stop publishing on December 3, 2013. Rather than having a single home for trending content, we will continue integrating that material throughout all MSN channels," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

It was recently revealed that due to the online services unit, Microsoft has lost nearly $3 billion dollars in the last two years alone. 

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