Microsoft's Modern Headsets, Speaker, Webcam, and Surface Headphones 2+ are now available

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Microsoft’s new collection of Modern accessories designed for remote and hybrid work are now available to purchase on the Microsoft Store. The new devices were announced back in April and include a webcam, three headsets, and a USB-C speaker all optimized for Microsoft Teams.

The new Microsoft Modern Accessories are quite affordable with prices starting at $49.99, and you can find the full list below:

  • Microsoft Modern USB headset ($49.99),
  • Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset ($99.99)
  • Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+ for Business ($299.99)
  • Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker ($99.99)
  • Microsoft Modern Webcam ($69.99)

The Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel published today a detailed video overview of the new devices. It’s worth noting that the Microsoft Modern Webcam doesn’t support Windows Hello, which is a bit disappointing coming from the company that invented the feature.

Are you interested in Microsoft's latest accessories certified for Microsoft Teams? We'll be getting our hands on the new Microsoft Modern Webcam and USB-C Speaker soon, so stay tuned to OnMSFT for our detailed reviews.

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