Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming service adds Halloween stickers for livestream chats

Brad Stephenson

Mixer Halloween chat stickers

Mixer has added five limited edition chat stickers for streamers and viewers to use based on popular Halloween iconography in the lead-up to October 31st next week.

The stickers include cute drawings of a tombstone, candy corn, a zombie, a ghost, and a witch and can be summoned in a livestream’s chatroom for 10,000 sparks, one of the virtual currencies used on the Microsoft-owned streaming platform.

Special stickers aren’t a new thing for Mixer. Earlier this month, the service added limited edition chat stickers based on Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and in August added Gears of War stickers to promote the launch of each game.

Mixer has been in the news a lot recently and just earlier today made waves in the gaming space when it was announced that one of the most-popular streamers on Twitch, Shroud, would be coming to the platform.

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