Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming app updates on iOS with new service status feature

Brad Stephenson

Mixer Studio at Microsoft Store

The official Mixer app updated to Version 4.5.0 on Apple’s iOS devices this week. This update squashed a variety of bugs, rewrote some in-app text, and introduced a new feature that allows users to check if the Mixer service is have any tech troubles.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • Added the Mixer service status page.
  • When things don’t feel right, go to Profile>Settings Gear>Mixer Status, we might be having issues connecting to various services or having an incident.
  • Fixed a problem where tapping on the skill tray caused a crash.
  • Fixed issues where audio would start playing upon getting Mixer notifications while in the app.
  • We fixed error messages to say stuff good.
  • Our sentences are a lot better now.

Mixer is Microsoft’s own video game streaming service that allows users to broadcast and view content via its official apps and website. It still has a ways to go before it reaches Twitch levels of engagement but it’s recently been adding a lot of new features to try and win both viewers and streamers over and its apps have been getting a lot of updates.

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