Microsoft’s Mixer app updates on iOS with new event and video game notifications

Brad Stephenson

Twitch, Mixer, Xbox apps on iOS / iPhone

The official Mixer app has updated for Apple’s iOS devices with support for new events and rewards in the growing video game streaming service.

This update, which brings the app to Version 4.4, enables new device notifications for special Mixer events and for events relating to specific video games. The official release notes also mention that the Mixer app will be gaining audio quality settings but this functionality will be added in a future update.

Here’s the release notes:

  • Notifications for Events and more!
  • Signed in users may start getting relevant notifications around events on Mixer, or limited timed events for games.
  • You can customize this any time by going to Profile>Settings Gear>Notifications
  • A What’s New dialog in app, so a lot of the information here exists in detail for more people to see!
  • Coming soon: Auto quality selection on videos!
  • We’ll be kicking off tests presenting auto quality selection on videos starting with this update. Over time we will roll this out to more users.
  • Various video fixes, sign-in fixes, and other bug fixes

Mixer is a Microsoft-owned video game streaming service which is a direct rival to Amazon’s incredibly popular Twitch. The service is built directly into all Xbox One consoles for native streaming but it can also be accessed on iOS and Android devices via its official apps and on computers in a web browser. Streaming is also supported in all major streaming programs such as OBS Studio.

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