Microsoft’s Mixer adds new controls for Clips

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft is introducing new capabilities for verified Mixer Partners to give them more control over the creation of clips taken from livestreams. The company has given them the option to allow only those who have reached a certain channel rank to create clips from their livestreams. According to the Mixer blog post, this option is to reduce the amount of low-quality or out-of-context clips that are more commonly created by newer viewers.

image 3

Microsoft is also introducing improvements to the clipping experience, as well. Viewers will now be able to preview their trimmed selection before publishing. With clips being a strict 15–60 seconds in length, this makes it easier for for creators to highlight only the best parts of the stream for the highest quality videos.

image 4

These new features should give Mixer some additional competitive edge over its Amazon-owned rival, Twitch. The latter service has softer rules on clipping, allowing any viewer to clip from any streamer. With more control over this, this potentially further incentivizes livestreamers to choose Microsoft’s service, and additionally gives them the ability to further reward those who more regularly participate in channel streams.

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