Microsoft's Lumia 750 Windows Phone shown off in new video despite being canceled

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Before Microsoft announced it was going to retrench from the mobile market, the company was gearing up to release a couple new models, namely the Lumia 750 and 850. Unfortunately, both models never saw the light of day on shelves in stores.

Now, a new video has been released online by Nokibar that shows off the Lumia 750 Windows Phone during its prototype phase:

Within the video, Nokibar shows off some of the specifications of the device, which include:

  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB storage
  • 5MP front and 5MP rear cameras
  • 5.0" 1280x720 IPS display
  • Snapdragon 210/212¬†processor
  • 2020 mAh battery

Definitely not a high-end device by any means, but it looks like it was aiming to be for those more budget-concious Windows Phone fans. While this device is not going to be released, it is nice to see what could have been had Microsoft continued with its Lumia line of devices.

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