Microsoft's Kinect for Windows sample code now open source and available for download

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Microsoft has made available 22 unique Kinect for Windows sample code for developers to download and on top of that, the company has made the code open source to allow developers to reuse and remake the code to their liking!

"We are happy to announce we are releasing the Kinect for Windows samples under an open source license. You can find everything on CodePlex: We have posted a total of 22 unique samples in C#, C++, and Visual Basic," Microsoft's Ben Lower revealed in a blog post. Microsoft is releasing the sample code under Apache 2.0 license so developers can reuse the code. Using a Git repository, developers can clone and fork if they so desire! Microsoft will also be using CodePlex to allow developers to provide feedback and discussion on the sample code.
"We want to hear from you to understand what we can do better with the samples," Microsoft adds. This code is available via the Kinect for Windows Developer Toolkit, but since that toolkit is such a huge download, Microsoft is making the code available online for easy access. Head over to to check out the code!

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