Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green: Windows 8 was being planned before the iPad even existed

In a new interview, Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green discussed the company’s new Windows 8 operating system and how it is a dramatic redesign of the iconic operating system. on top of that, she mentions that Windows 8 was being planned before the iPad even existed.

“Before Windows 8 the goal was to launch into a window, and then you put that window away and you got another one. But with Windows 8, all the different things that you might want to do are there at a glance with the Live Tiles. Instead of having to find many little rocks to look underneath, you see a kind of dashboard of everything that’s going on and everything you care about all at once. It puts you closer to what you’re trying to get done,” Larson-Green explains. When asked if Windows 8 was a response to the popularity of the iPad, Larson-Green explained that Windows 8 entered planning stages back in June of 2009, at which point the iPad was merely a rumor. “I only saw the iPad after we had this design ready to go,” Larson-Green adds. For those that don’t know, Julie Larson-Green was recently promoted to take over Sinofsky’s place as the person in charge of the Windows division, at least in the engineering aspect of Windows. You can read the full interview by hitting the source link below.

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