Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green: 739 fixes to Windows 8 since its release in October of 2012 (video)

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Microsoft recently revealed that Windows 8 has sold over 100 million Windows 8 licenses since it's launch back in October 2012. This means Microsoft has been making on average 15 million sales per month. During the WIRED Business Conference 2013, Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green spoke about the future of Windows 8.

As we all know, Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1) is expected later this year and will feature a much-requested update to Windows 8. During the interview, Green spoke about Windows Blue and how some reports on the internet are "widely inaccurately reported" while some are "widely accurately reported." Based on user feedback, Microsoft will be releasing an update called Windows Blue, which is all about "continuous improvement" to Windows 8. Windows Blue will also be released via the Windows Store.

Green also mentions that there have been over 739 fixes to Windows 8 since its release in October of 2012. These updates include firmware updates and battery life improvements, as well as updates to the core apps. In fact, the Surface can now see a 20% improvement in battery life due to updates released since the device launched.

Green also reiterated that Microsoft is working hard on enabling new kinds of hardware, including smaller tablets. With upcoming changes to Windows 8, via the Blue update, we can see Windows 8 running on smaller tablets. The reason for the shift towards smaller tablets? Microsoft apparently wants to "enable" lots of different price points and hardware choices for consumers. Green promises that we can get our hands on smaller tablets at the end of June.

You can watch the entire interview below.

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