Microsoft’s new interactive “Help me Choose” tool will assist you in buying a new Windows 10 PC

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Unlike the mandatory trip to the Apple Store that comes with buying a Mac, there are plenty of awesome and affordable options from both Microsoft and other OEMs when you want to buy a new Windows PC. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to choose a PC, especially since there are a lot of categories in the wild today. Well, Microsoft has created an interactive “Help me Choose” tool, which is designed to make it easy to find a PC that’s perfect for your needs.

To access the tool, you must first visit and click on “Shop for a new Windows 10 PC.” After you do so, you will be asked a few questions as to how you will be using your new PC. Examples of this initial question include: Is it for work, school, gaming, creative, or personal use. Once those questions are answered you will then be followed up with additional questions as to which features are more important to you: touch, typing, Windows Hello. Depending on your answer, you will then be prompted with more questions, or you will see which product is most appropriate for you, be it a standard laptop, or something fancier like a Surface Book, or Surface Pro.

Microsoft's new interactive "Help me Choose" tool will assist you in buying a new Windows 10 PC - - July 24, 2017
Help me Choose

In the event that you’re already running Windows 10, or you’re already satisfied with your PC, the “Help me Choose” tool can still be useful for you. The tool gives access to links for finding out more about Windows 10 features, such as Paint 3D, Windows Hello, and more. It also can be used to purchase a copy of the Windows 10 OS or check for Windows 10 updates.

With data showing that Windows 10 is accounting for 26.80% of the OS market share, this tool will more than likely help people pick up the PC which is right for them. Do you think you will be picking up a new PC anytime soon? Or have you settled for an older device? Let us know your thoughts below.

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