Microsoft's HoloLens pre-orders open in Japan next month, ship early 2017

Pre-orders for the Development Edition and Commercial Edition of Microsoft’s HoloLens device will open in Japan on December 2nd with units expected to ship in “early 2017”.

Microsoft’s Alex Kipman said of the company’s HoloLens ambitions, “Our mission at Microsoft is to bring mixed reality to every person and organization on the planet. Since January 2015 we have been hard at work to bring the vision of mixed reality to life. It has been inspiring to see what has been created by our partners, and the team remains in awe of the way developers are using HoloLens. We can’t wait to see what everyone in Japan creates when they get their hands on HoloLens.”

HoloLens was first released to American and Canadian developers in March of this year and has since rolled out to numerous regions around the globe. Despite having a 2017 launch in Japan, some companies, such as Japan Airlines, have already begun implementing the augmented reality technology into their business operations.

Do you think HoloLens will gain broader appeal worldwide? Let us know in the comments below.

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