Microsoft's GroupMe gets a variety of updates on iOS

If the Skype for iOS received some love yesterday, GroupMe, Skype 's less known messaging app was also got an update with various UI and UX improvements. The app is now more accessible on iPhones and iPads thanks to many voice-over improvements, and the iPad version also received another fix for unread messages that were mistakenly mark as read.

Here is the full changelog of GroupMe for iOS version 5.12.3

  • Tired of tapping on Poll Result notifications to see who won? The winner is now part of the results notification.
  • The attachement tray's case of benign paroxysmal rotational displacement has been cured, and will no longer get disoriented after device rotation.
  • Some users pointed out that the iPad would mark messages as read even though they had not been viewed; this has been fixed.
  • iPad navigation bar will now read out meaningful information for each item when voice-over is activated.
  • Voice-over users can now easily create new chats when using voice-over.
  • All buttons for adding members to a group are now voice-over accessible.
  • General improvements of voice-over read outs.

GroupMe probably doesn't have as many users as Skype, but it's pretty solid group messaging app that is easy to use and works on all platforms. If you haven't tried it yet, you can get GroupMe for iOS from the download link below.

Price: Free+

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