Microsoft’s GroupMe app updates on iOS with new features

Microsoft’s GroupMe app has updated on Apple’s iOS devices to Version 5.14.0. This latest update adds the ability to upgrade accounts to admins, new sharing functionality, and a variety of bug fixes. Here’s the official release notes.

Group owners can enlist extra help to manage their groups by appointing admins – with great power comes great responsibility

All group members have access to group sharing functionality if sharing is turned on by the group owner or an admin

Sharing to your groups from other apps works again

Bug fixes

GroupMe is an app that works as a sort of social network messaging service. It collects all of a user’s contacts and allows them all to chat together in threads even if they don’t have the app installed on their device.

Do you use GroupMe? Let us know what features you want the app to add in the next update in the comments below.

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