Microsoft's Groove Music app updated with album art fixes and menu tweaks

Since the name change from Xbox Music to Groove, the music experience on Windows seems to be finally progressing positively. Updates are rolling in at more frequent intervals, many, carrying user requested features. The app is still a work in progress, but progress is moving along rather nicely these days.
Thanks to a tweet from Windows software engineer working on the Groove and Movies & TV apps, Ellen Kilbourne, we’ve been notified that Groove just snagged another useful update.

The most recent update brings the Groove app up to version and features a handful of small features that add to expanded music experience on both PCs and smartphones.
For desktop:

  • The app remembers the state of the hamburger across sessions (i.e. if you collapse it, it will stay collapsed across sessions).

For mobile:

  • You can now search for Artists within the app.
  • Fans reported that album art didn't properly show album art for FLAC files. We fixed that.
  • Added a manual sync option to Settings.
  • Select/unselect all now available when in selection mode.
  • New layout in the album detail page banner to allow you to read more of the details for your favorite albums.
  • Now you can navigate to the album page from the context menu for songs.
  • The modules in Explore and artist detail pages load from top to bottom to make the experience smoother.

You can search for the new update in the Windows Store. It may be working its way through the channel, so give it some time.

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