Microsoft giving away free tickets to Seattle Seahawks game

As it seems, everyone in Seattle loves the Seahawks, the tech giant Microsoft is no exception. Microsoft has always been a team player with the local favorite Seahawks. This time, not only is it supporting the football team, but also giving away rally towels and free tickets.

Microsoft is no slouch at promoting its products. Using this platform, Microsoft is praising its Surface tablet, which has a long way to go before it contends with the juggernauts like iPad(s) and the plethora of Android-running devices, and ever-so-surging Bing search engine.

At the event, Microsoft is giving away over 55,000 rally towels. If you are a freeloader, you can tweet to Bing using #BingHawks or like its Facebook updates to get free tickets to the game. The software giant has made a special website, “I’m in” through which you can locate, using Bing maps, all the fans of the team across the globe.

Thanks to a few multi-year deals that Microsoft fancies, Surface and Xbox One are the official tablet and gaming console of the NFL. These moves do make sense. These events attract a herd of enthusiastic viewers, and having your products at the center will definitely do miracles for your products.

Interestingly, Microsoft isn’t the only tech-giant which is showing its admiration for the Seahawks. T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere is also giving away tickets to the event.

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