Microsoft’s Free Time Machine revealed, is another Windows Phone advertising ploy

Just recently, Microsoft posted a new blog entry on its Windows Phone blog that claims to offer “more free time” to Windows Phone users on Monday April 9th. “Hey, life is busy. Free time can be scarce. What would you do with more free time in your day?” Microsoft asks. Today we finally get details on this.

Image credit: @hriefs

According to Microsoft, these “time machines” are like an ATM. Instead of giving cash, these machines will spit out prizes that will “save you time.” For example, free grocery deliveries, cleaning and dog walking services, and access to personal concierges. On top of that, someone can even win a new Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 900 anyone?), which the company calls “the ultimate time saving tool.” These time machines will be available in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago from 8AM to 6PM. Those not living anywhere close can go online to and enter to win a trip to Hawaii.

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