Microsoft’s Finance app for Windows Phone warns of imminent MSN brand change

Microsoft's Finance app for Windows Phone warns of imminent MSN brand change

Following Microsoft’s attempt to rejuvenate its MSN brand, the company has decided to rebrand its current suite of Bing apps on the Windows Phone Store, which should happen on their Windows Store equivalents.

Earlier this year, the software giant proceeded to phase out the ‘Bing’ brand from its Weather, Finance, News, Travel and Health + Fitness apps for reasons not clearly understood, until of course the introduction of the new MSN website and Microsoft’s intent to start over with the once powerful brand.

The Finance app, which is designed to keep you informed on stock prices and market conditions has been displaying a notice upon launch that it will soon see a rebrand to ‘Money’ to better coincide with the MSN website. The notice reads:

“Money, coming soon

In the coming days, we will change our name from Bing Finance to MSN Money. The app will continue to have all the content, tools and market data you enjoy today under our new name ‘Money’.”

So it’s safe to assume that nothing is expected to change in terms of the app itself, so we’re not about to face another Xbox Music fiasco. We should also see the rest of the original Bing apps follow suite with the rebranding, probably is one fell swoop.

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