Microsoft's fan-focused Windows 10 launch events will be invite-only

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Microsoft's fan-focused events will be invite-only

Windows 10 launch is just around the corner -- set to rock PCs across the globe starting July 29th. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it will hold fan-focused events special events in 13 cities around the world, including Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, São Paulo, and New York City, to celebrate the launch of the new operating system. 

The folks at Windows Central received a word from the Redmond-based company regarding the events which will take place on July 29th. It may disappoint some people, but these events will be invite-only. There's no word on how the invites will be sent out, but Windows Insiders residing in areas near the above-mentioned location should keep an eye on their inboxes. The company's spokesperson said:

"From the beginning, Windows 10 has been different – built alongside our fans, delivered as a service and offered as a free upgrade. Our approach to launch is also different and in support of a more aspirational goal, inspired by Windows 10. You won't see fancy launch spectacles from Windows – our broader aspiration is to celebrate and empower those who upgrade the world every day. Our events are designed to celebrate our fans. They will offer hands-on opportunities, experiential demo's, entertainment and opportunities to meet the Windows team. These events will be invite-only, designed for our fans in each market."

Windows 10 is one of the most highly anticipated operating system releases from Microsoft, especially after Windows 8/8.1 which failed to gain as much user traction as Microsoft may have expected. Furthermore, the company initiated the Windows Insiders program to allow users to get the taste of how the new Windows 10 operating system works, and provide their valuable feedback to help the company polish the operating system before it's official. The company announced lately that there are over five million Windows Insiders.

Stay tuned to WinBeta to get an extensive coverage of the new operating system once it's available for users across the globe.

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