Microsoft's famous paperclip Clippy is in Delta Heavy's new music video

Microsoft's famous paperclip clippy is in delta heavy's new music video

Back in 1997, Microsoft included an Office Assistant with the Office productivity suite, an intelligent user interface that would help you (well, at least attempt to help you) via an interactive animated character called Clippit (or Clippy as his friends called him). As years went by, Clippy was made fun of in pop culture, having been in memes, parodies, and much more.

Clippy was receiving negative response from users, and probably because people were sick of seeing him ask you "it looks like you are writing a document, need some help with that?" When Office XP rolled out, Clippy was disabled by default. And slowly but surely, Clippy faded away into obscurity.

Until now. Clippy is starring in a new music video for the song Ghost by Delta Heavy. Clippy has been abandoned and is stuck between the software of the 90s and the contemporary web. Watch him as he hacks his way into the new digital age and meet Apple's Siri. Definitely an interesting (and catchy) music video. 

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