Microsoft’s Expert Zone teaches staff how to sell Windows 10

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Microsoft's Expert Zone teaches staff how to sell Windows 10

Microsoft is all set to release its upcoming Windows 10 operating system on July 29th with the aim of making sure it’s running on over a billion devices in the next three years. Windows 8 wasn’t as successful as Windows 7 as Microsoft made the move to a more touch friendly OS, at the expense of the desktop. However, the software giant aims to change this with Windows 10, which has been tested by millions of Windows Insiders since its announcement. 

Ahead of its launch, Microsoft also has to make sure its retail staff has detailed knowledge of the operating system and for that purpose, the company has a portal it calls Expert Zone (you need to register for access). The portal has been updated with information regarding Windows 10 operating system (via Neowin) to help retail professionals sell Windows 10. The course focuses on a number of key areas of the operating system: Feels familiar and better than ever, Work across all of your devices, The most personal and natural experience, and Be more productive.

Each area deals with a specific set of features and details it to the retail professional to make sure he/she can convince the consumer on spending on the new operating system. The information in each area is presented in a summarized way so it’s easier for the employee to remember and learn about Windows 10 — more of a casual way to make sure the retail people understand everything. The portal tells how it feels familiar with the return of the Start Button, missed dearly by Windows users, as well as how the operating system syncs across all consumer devices — Microsoft is also expected to launch the new operating system for mobile later this year as well.

Training your staff is equally important and must be done ahead of launch of the products as the retail people are the ones who will showcase the new operating system.

Stay tuned to WinBeta, we’ll update you as soon as Windows 10 starts rolling out for existing users. We’re excited, are you?

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