Microsoft's Edge browser inches up the charts

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft’s Edge browser, shipping as the default internet gateway for new Windows 10 installations, is inching up the charts after just one month of Windows 10 availability. Net Applications has pegged Windows 10 at 5.21 percent of worldwide PC usage share, and the browser that ships with it, while still a blip on the radar, is showing up with 2.01% worldwide usage share of desktop browsers.
Internet Explorer still holds a commanding lead in browser usage, with IE 11 used on 52% of desktops, with Chrome coming in second at over 29%. In a further breakdown, Net Applications shows IE 11 as the most used browser version on desktops, with almost 27% share:
Browser share Aug 15
As to why the usage of Edge doesn’t seem to be catching on at the same rate as Windows 10, some Twitter speculation explains that most Windows 10 installations are upgrades from 7 or 8.x, and if users had Chrome installed on their previous systems, it will retain across the upgrade.  As Windows 10 begins to sell on new systems for this holiday season and beyond, and as Edge is upgraded to included user requested features like extensions (expected to come in the “November timeframe”), usage share for Edge should rise along with Windows 10.
Are you using Edge?