Microsoft’s #DroidRage Twitter campaign not going as planned, users complaining about #WindowsRage

Microsoft recently fired up its #DroidRage Twitter campaign again in hopes to slam the rival Android mobile platform and promote the company’s Windows Phone platform. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it seems that many users on Twitter are lashing back and tweeting about their hardships on Windows Phone (or even Windows for that matter) by using the Twitter hashtag #WindowsRage.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone marketing team thought about asking Android users on Twitter to share their malware horror stories, expecting to see positive results and a chance to win a free Windows Phone. Sounds like a slam dunk right? Microsoft guessed wrong. It seems that this plan backfired as Android users on Twitter are bringing up the hashtag #WindowsRage to talk about how they are disappointed about Microsoft’s attempts in marketing Windows Phone to Android users or any other user for that matter. You can see a few examples of Microsoft’s campaign backfiring in the screenshot above. Do you think Microsoft needs to rethink their strategy when it comes to #DroidRage?

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