Microsoft’s creative director makes an arrogant statement about next-gen Xbox’s always-on connection

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Speculation on when Microsoft will release the next generation Xbox (Xbox Next or Xbox 720?), codename Durango, has already begun and a new report is indicating that Microsoft may be launching the new Xbox later this month. On top of that, reports indicate that the Xbox will require an always-on internet connection in order to function.

Microsoft’s creative director Adam Orth shared his thoughts via Twitter regarding the stir that was created when everyone learned about the next-gen Xbox’s requirement of having an always-on internet connection. “Sorry, I don’t get the drama over having an “always on” console,” Orth stated in a Tweet. He used a hashtag “#dealwithit.” Orth even added that every device is always-on and “that’s the world we live in.” His Tweets have since gone private.

Orth went as far as comparing the situation to purchasing a vacuum cleaner knowing that the electricity in your house might go out, in order to stamp his point. The next generation Xbox is reported to require an internet connection or else games will not work. Games in offline mode will be suspended after three minutes without connectivity.

Orth’s unofficial statements on Twitter can be classified as arrogance by many, but is he right? Do you have an internet connection for every device you use? What about those who play games while turning on airplane mode on gaming devices other than the Xbox (smartphones for example) when having an internet connection isn’t necessarily required? Microsoft has yet to announce the next generation Xbox or any details about the device, so stay tuned!

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