Microsoft’s Craig Mundie Discusses Future of Tablets

Since the release of the original iPad last year, tablets in the form of slates have gained incredible momentum in the market and are providing consumers with an alternative form of entertainment and productivity compared to the traditional laptop and desktop. Despite this, Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s global chief research and strategy officer, downplayed the potential lasting effect of this new category.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, Mundie was discussing his ideas in Sydney at a luncheon coordinated by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia. Mundie believes that the smartphone will play a more crucial role than the tablet “as it emerges more will become your most personal computer”. He also makes that distinction that “Mobile is something that you want to use while you’re moving, and portable is something that you move and then use.”

New advances in smartphone technology might also provide for the downfall of the big screen tablet. Mundie talked about a new smartphone display that “instead of seeing a screen it can beam individual rays of light into your eyes right on your retina … [so] you can look at your phone and see HDTV”.

These opinions by Microsoft’s top brass are reiterated in their current product strategy. Microsoft has continuously criticized the new generation of tablets for lacking keyboards and the many features required by users for general productivity. It will be interesting to see Microsoft’s approach to battle this market with its upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

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