Microsoft’s Configuration Manager Current Branch now handling over 50 million devices after only a year

Michael Cottuli

50 million devices are being handled by Microsoft’s Configuration Manager Current Branch after only being out for a year. This marks the fastest adoption of a new version of Configuration Manager in its history, and tells us that the team behind the software has been nailing their new releases. The news was brought to us in the form of a blog post from Microsoft’s Technet, which also announced the release of ConfigMgr 1610.

The blog post also had a few graphs for data junkies who want to look at a few interesting numbers that illustrate the way that users have been upgrading ConfigMgr. For instance, did you know that over 66% of ConfigMgr users are running version 1606 or later? In a world where many users are hesitant to upgrade from the familiar versions of software that they’ve been using for a while, it says a lot when so many people are willing to stay up to date on ConfigMgr.

Here are some more highlights:

  • Nearly every week we see 1M Windows 10 devices deployed in the enterprise.
  • Of these 1M devices, more than 99% are managed via ConfigMgr.
  • Organizations that base their Windows 10 deployments on ConfigMgr are using unified Windows management of ConfigMgr (i.e. managing their Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 traditional, and Windows 10 modern management devices via the single pane of ConfigMgr).

As ConfigMgr launches yet another build, it looks to continue gaining loyal support from the users who rely on it every day. We look forward to seeing more data to see if this trend of frequent updates continues.