Microsoft’s Calibri font is at the center of a political scandal in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, has found himself in the center of a pretty serious scandal – and the smoking gun is one of Microsoft’s fonts. The Prime Minister’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, seems to have falsified documents in an effort to hide her possession of some overseas properties. The problem? These documents were typed out in Calibri font – something that wasn’t released to the public until 2007, one year after these papers were dated.

Now, the scandal gets a little bit more complicated than that. While Calibri wasn’t officially released until 2006, there were pre-release version floating around a few years earlier. In an interview with Calibri font creator Lucas de Groot, Pakistani newspaper Dawn got him to open up with his thoughts.

“If the person using Calibri was such a font lover that he or she had to use the new Calibri, then he or she should be able to prove that other documents were printed with Calibri in 2006, and these prints should be in the hands of other people as well,”

Microsoft itself probably won’t be getting involved with this, but fans of the company or Pakistani politics might want to get some popcorn as the political drama ensues. Sharif has been called to resign, but as of now, everything is up in the air.

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