'Cloud Profitability Fridays' help Microsoft partners learn how to transition their businesses to the cloud

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Microsoft's Brent will talk about ins and outs of cloud Partner profitability in tomorrow's episode

At 8:30AM Pacific Standard Time every week, Microsoft airs 'Cloud Profitability Fridays.' This new webcast series is hosted on the Microsoft Virtual Academy and provides help on how to transition your business to the cloud. 

Tomorrow's episode will feature Microsoft Worldwide Director of Sales Excellence and Strategy for Cloud in Small-and-Medium-Sized Business, Bren Combest (can you imagine his business card with that large of a title?). Brent will talk about the different aspects of cloud partner profitability. This includes the details of a cloud deal, different sales compensation models, and the financial models that will yield you the most profit.

On a more general note, the web series will include talks on developing cloud solutions, creating a business plan, and case studies of Microsoft partners that have transitioned their business to the cloud. To register for sessions, go here. The episodes will also be available to watch after they are aired live in case you missed them, or want to watch one again.  

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