Microsoft's Blink camera app makes your GIFs look amazing with 'Noise Removal'

Microsoft's blink camera app makes your gifs look amazing with 'noise removal'

Blink is a camera app for Windows Phone by Microsoft Research. It takes multiple images before and after you actually take a picture -- guaranteeing that you captured the best shot, even if you're timing was off.

It also enables you to create animated GIFs from these pictures. And in version 2.5, this feature has been updated. Microsoft has added: "Noise Removal: Automatic noise removal from photos makes your Blinks looking their best. This is especially useful in low light conditions."

Microsoft further explained how this was done:

Blink automatically analyzes the motion in the scene. Where the motion can be stabilized the algorithm effectively performs a very long exposure by merging the entire Blink sequence, where the motion can’t be stabilized the sequence is left untouched. One way to think of this is optical image stabilization on a region by region basis.

This creates a much more smoother GIF, and one where you can't see the frames shift. The Next Web has provided before and after photos that showcase how significant the change is (top is before, bottom is after). You can snag the app via the download link below.

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