Microsoft's Bing Search app gains new reading mode on Android devices

The official Bing Search Android app updated today and has added a new reading mode, which essentially strips a website of everything but an article’s text, and support for recipes.

The update also refined several existing features such as voice and camera search, music, augmented reality, and barcode search. Here are the release notes:

Reading mode: Focus on a page’s text with no distractions.

Recipes: Hungry? Let Bing help you figure out what to cook and how to get it made.

Improvements: UI improvements for Voice and Camera search: Easier access and faster switching between Voice, Music, 360 (augmented reality), Camera and Barcode search.

Do you use Bing Search on your Android device? What changes would you like to see in a future update? Let us know in the comments.

Microsoft bing search
Microsoft bing search

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