Microsoft’s Bing Now Offers Airport Maps


Microsoft, looking to increase the appeal of its Bing search engine, announced today that it would now offer detailed airport maps for those who travel. These maps include ticket information, terminal locations, and location of eateries.

“The new airport maps give you everything you need to navigate your way through your travels. Airport maps include information on parking garages, ticket counter information, terminals and gates, baggage claims, currency exchange and more. You’ll also see a sortable directory of airlines, cafes and restaurants.” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Bing users can access the airport maps via the desktop version of Bing by typing the name of the airport and zooming into the building. Users can also search for their flight status via Bing.

Users can also view different levels within their selected venue by clicking the “Level” button on the top of the screen and selecting the correct level from the list.

Bing will be introducing this new feature with 42 airports in the United States. “Today there are maps for 42 airports covering most of the medium and large hub airports in the United States. We’re adding new airports regularly, so check back often if your airport isn’t currently listed,” Microsoft added.