Microsoft's Band 2 makes pre-order appearance on Amazon

Mark Coppock

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Microsoft Band 2

It’s not only the Microsoft Store that’s offering up Microsoft’s Band 2 activity tracker/smartwatch hybrid for pre-order. Amazon is getting in on the game, we learn via WMPU, indicating an October 30 release date and offering the original Band’s replacement as a Prime offering.

Amazon's Band 2 pre-order page.
Amazon’s Band 2 pre-order page.

The Band 2 looks like an excellent, if a touch expensive, upgrade. At the very least, it looks considerably more comfortable than the original Band. The addition of Gorilla Glass 3 is also welcome, and will hopefully help the Band 2 avoid the nicks and scratches that plagued the original model.
In any case, if Amazon is your preferred purveyor of electronics, then head on over and get in line for a new Band 2. Your heart will thank you.