Microsoft’s attacks the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab in new Surface RT videos

Microsoft's attacks the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab in new Surface RT videos

Just recently, Microsoft went after the Apple iPad in two new video advertisements promoting the Surface 2 tablet device. Microsoft even went as far as attacking the Google Chromebook, implying that Google’s offering should not even be considered a tablet. In a new set of videos, Microsoft has taken the gloves off again, but this time against the Samsung Galaxy Tab – powered by Google’s Android operating system.

In these two new videos, which we have embedded below for your viewing pleasure, you can see Microsoft’s latest set of video advertisements that simply attack the competition. In the first video, Microsoft touts the Surface RT as the better option for getting things done, since the Surface RT has a full sized USB port – while the Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn’t. In the second video, Microsoft showcases the multiple accounts feature that comes with Windows – again something the Galaxy Tab does not have, as Microsoft points out.

Microsoft has been taking things a bit further in these latest string of ads, seeing as how the devices and services giant has taken a different tone in their videos and are pretty much attacking the competition. The question is, are these ads convincing enough for consumers to believe in Microsoft or are these ads distasteful and pushing consumers away from Microsoft? You be the judge.

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