Microsoft’s anti-iPhone 5 ad: ‘They were off the mark and we’ve decided to pull it down’

Microsoft makes fun of the iPhone 5

Just recently, Microsoft uploaded several short videos and one large two minute video to its Windows Phone YouTube channel. In the video, we are introduced to two Apple “employees” and the Apple “CEO” who are sitting at a table. These two employees were making fun of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C’s features.

Within a few hours, the video was taken down unexpectedly. While we thought the videos were funny, many people on the internet didn’t agree and thought the videos were tasteless and stupid. Microsoft agreed with the masses and issued a statement to CNET stating, “[the campaign] was intended to be a lighthearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we’ve decided to pull it down.”

In the video, Microsoft poked fun at the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C by mocking the new ranging of colors, polycarbonate body, fingerprint reader, and camera. Microsoft has been throwing out anti-iPad videos as of late, showcasing how the Windows RT and Windows 8 platform is better. We’ve embedded a mirror version of the video below.

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