Microsoft’s All-in-One Media Keyboard features large multi-touch trackpad

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Microsoft’s All-in-One Media Keyboard features large multi-touch trackpad

Whether you’re looking for a keyboard to use with your computer for work, or you need something to control your media from the sofa, the new Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard could be just what you’re looking for. Featuring a full-sized set of keys, the keyboard is dominated by a large multi-touch trackpad over to the right hand side of the unit.

As you would expect, this is a wireless keyboard, and it also boasts a “spill-resistant design” meaning that it should withstand the occasional splash of coffee as you watch your favorite shows. Being a multimedia keyboard, there are customizable hotkeys that can be used to access media playback controls as well as common Windows’ features.

The trackpad itself is quite an impressive beast. The size is such that it really lends itself to multi-touch use, and it even features three extra buttons that can be used to access your favorite apps with a quick tap.

You can find out more about the keyboard at the Microsoft Hardware website where you can also buy yourself one of the keyboards from tomorrow for $39.95. If you’re in the UK, the keyboard will be available for £34.99 from April 23.

You can also check out a video of the keyboard in action:

Watch this space for a full review as soon as the keyboard makes it way to WinBeta HQ!

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